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Luggage Policy

Sedans and Luxury Sedans can accommodate 4 passengers with 3 pieces of standard size luggage while SUV can hold up to 6 passengers with 6 pieces of standard size luggage.  

Credit Card Policy

The credit card needs to be submitted for pre- approval when paying with it. A preliminary hold of 150 % of the quoted charge is always ensured on your credit or debit card in order to secure the total tolls, additional stops, waiting times and gratuity. The hold is released within 3 to 5 business days of the process of the payment.  

Cancellation Policy

Customers will be charged with cancellation fare if the trip is not cancelled within the allotted time. Every customer needs to notify the customer service of a cancellation 3 hours prior to pick- ups in New York 5 Boroughs which includes Airports as well. In case of Newark airport and Connecticut, New Jersey and Westchester the notification should be 6 hours in advance. Please contact here for cancellations: Email: info@laguardiacarservice.us Phone: 1-718-304-7604  

No Show

A no- show is considered when LaGuardia Car Service is unable to contact the passenger to related person provided in the reservation after 15 minutes of pick- up. This will result in the abandonment of the schedule and a full fare no- show charge will be allotted in case of no prior notifications.  


The LaGuardia Car Service does not hold responsibility for damage to the customer's during the failure of LaGuardia Car Service in order to perform the transportation services. In case LaGuardia Car Service services fail to uphold the promised services, then the customer damage will only be limited to the unused value of the ticket. In case of late arrival, LaGuardia Car Service does not hold any responsibility. Any damage or inconvenience caused during delayed service either. To avoid delayed service, we recommend that you verify the Airline departure time during periods of peak travel or extreme weather conditions. During quick reservations within 12 hours, please call at 1-718-304-7604 to check for availability.  

Privacy Policy

LaGuardia Car Service promises full commitment and dedication in the protection and security of the customer information provided during reservations. We may use the information provided to notify you of valuable information such as special offers, new LaGuardia Car Service services, or changes in web sites. Customers are always provided with the option to cancel these offerings as well. LaGuardia Car Service does not engage in the selling, renting or trading of personal information of customers to third parties. Our protective encryption, firewalls, latest security technology ensures we attain maximum protection to keep the customer information secure and accurate. Online payments attain a maximum security as we use the latest encryption to run a secured server during payments. Hence, unauthorized access or the improper and illegal use of information is not only prohibited but prevented as well. All payments are in US dollars.

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